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Oct 16th
Nh Tiny House Laws
Nh Tiny House Laws

Towable tiny house – So far so good, the idea of having the house behind you and then being able to roam freely with your car. The problem is to choose the combined car + caravan in a sensible way. The problem arises when it comes to towable mass, towable weight; unlade mass, full load weight. Let’s see a little ‘clarity in the next few lines.

First of all, most of us have a B license, so a total weight limit between cars and caravans, of 3500 kg. When you decide to buy a car in anticipation of towing your “cottage” summer, consider that some more horsepower in the engine is not a bad mail. If we take for granted the purchase of the car with the homologated tow hook, the maximum width and maximum weight of the trailer will appear on the booklet. This called towed or towable tiny house weight, indicated in the booklet, represents the limit allowed for testing.

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Let’s now return to the towing capacity. This value for passenger cars is never higher than that of its own tare. So as to respect the “towing ratio” which is equal to 0.8 (rounding up to 100kg) for braked trailers. To clarify, let’s make an example: an average that has a weight of 1400 kg and the full load is 1700 kg, mounted tow hook, has a towable tiny house mass value of 1300 kg or a minimum or equal to the tare.

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