Smart Small House Organization

Dec 4th
Small House Organization Wall
Small House Organization Wall

Today, those of us who live in large cities do not normally inhabit large mansions, but rather small house organization, where each square centimeter is gold. Here are a few ideas to optimize the space and gain in sense of spaciousness. Before starting with our list, makes clear to us a central idea: We must not fear small houses, but the lack of creativity to get what we need, but on a smaller scale.

Therefore, before complaining about the lack of small house organization, we must find solutions so that the house adapts to the real needs of each one. It will be necessary to make a list of what is a priority and cannot be absent. What is not so, may be in the background, preferably hidden. Do not fill the house with decorative objects. Less is more, and how much more free space your larger home has will appear

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When we choose a small house organization, it is important to focus on its spatial possibilities. Therefore, it is useful to work on the plane. Maybe you discover that pulling the partitions of the kitchen you get an attractive place, where the partitions are replaced by countertops, or that the entrance hall, now integrated into the kitchen space, is used to place stools, to eat or to work.


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