Simple Small House Plans Spaces to Live

Jan 5th
Simple Small House Style
Simple Small House Style

Today, architectural designs have become smaller worldwide becoming spaces style mini loft, without divisions, so most start looking for spaces that have environments of simple small house plans open. An effect of crisis? Is it consequence of social changes in recent years, where we see fewer and fewer complete families, where we often meet single mothers? Maybe because couples start to prefer having only one child? Or are we simply looking for multifunctional spaces to live and transform them according to needs of moment?

Whatever reason, of this phenomenon, what is undeniable is that our homes were reduced and we need more ideas to get most out of them. If your house is small and of two floors, this option can be a solution. In old simple small house plans, basement used to be storage place for furniture, clothes, and household utensils. Now, with need to make most of spaces, we have an option with same essence: use basement but stairs, that is, space below them.

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It is a very ingenious and functional way to organize, useful, space saving and surprising! How to decorate simple small house plans you can get an extra bed? If we are at least 3 meters tall, we will be able to recover a valuable space with a practical loft-like structure. Depending on available size we can choose a traditional loft, ideal to create a small corner of relaxation, in a simpler version.


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