Refinishing Top Nailed Hardwood Floors Ideas

Sep 22nd
Passive Refinishing Wood Floors
Passive Refinishing Wood Floors

Refinishing top nailed hardwood floors can be slippery when you clean them with oil soap or coat them with oils and varnishes. The slippery surface can become dangerous. In order to make wood floors less comfortable, the homeowner can simply clean the floors with a vinegar and water. The vinegar will break down old wax and polish, and make the floors clean without being dangerous.


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Sweep the refinishing top nailed hardwood floors with a broom to remove loose dirt or sand. Fill a bucket of 1 liter of warm water and 1 dl vinegar. Wet a clean cloth in a vinegar solution and then wrap it over the bucket. Wipe the floor space around you, be sure not to spill water or allow accumulating as this may cause water stains. Wipe wet area with a clean, dry towel immediately to prevent water damage.

Move the bucket over and wipe off the next area around you. Repeat wet with vinegar and wipe with the towel until you have washed the entire floor. You do not need to rinse vinegar solution. The floor will now clean and much less slippery. Hard-water refinishing top nailed hardwood floors like cloudy stains that make the clean-looking wooden floor dirty. Commercial wood floor cleaners work well to remove dust and other common structures, but they are not designed to break up the alkaline-based deposits that create hard water stains.

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