Refinishing Original Hardwood Floors Ideas

Aug 2nd
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Refinishing Original Hardwood Floors – Today we will talk about how to polish floors in wood. This will guarantee you recover your floor and give it shine to look like new. This entry is part of our sections “protect the wood” and “trends”. The floors in wood with the passage of time and the rubbing of their shoes, dust, and dirt can wear on the finish. This generates opacity and makes your floor look dirty, no matter how often it is cleaning.

Refinishing original hardwood floors is a way to refresh the finish of your floor without having to go through the entire renovation process. Sweep or vacuum waste generated by your plants or pets with a broom. Place a polishing pad on your floor polisher with a rotation of between 1,500 and 3,000 RPM. You can rent a polishing machine at a material rental store or home improvement store. Spray the floor in front of your polishing machine with a special liquid for polishing the wood.

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Turn on the machine and pass on the surface of the floor lengthwise and do it with a slight circular motion so that the entire surface is fully polished. Continue refinishing original hardwood floors in rows. And remember to do it all along the edges of it for full coverage and to avoid leaving patches. Repeat the polishing process two or three times on your wood floor so that it gets the right shine.

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