Outdoor Patio Blinds Ideas

Feb 23rd
Thin Outdoor Patio Blinds
Thin Outdoor Patio Blinds

Outdoor Patio Blinds – If your patio needs a makeover, start with the curtains. Curtains are a simple sewing project for yet another beginner because they are all a big rectangle of fabric. Sew your own patio curtains in an afternoon, and your patio will have a whole new life. Use heavy outdoor cloth if your patio curtains hang outside; if your patio is covered, you can use any fabric you want.


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Measure your windows or area of ​​patio where you will hang Outdoor Patio Blinds. Add 10 inches to the length of the measurements and double the width, and then cut the fabric to match these measurements. Use an iron and ironing board to push the fabric smoothly if using regular indoor fabrics. If you are using plastic or heavy outdoor fabric, it will probably not be suitable for ironing, so you should skip this step. Fold in each side the cap on the fabric panels with 1/2 inch and iron (if the fabric allows). Pin this stitch down with straight pins.

Fold down the upper hem on each Outdoor Patio Blinds panel with 1/2 inch and iron (if the fabric allows). Fold down another 2 inches and fasten strike to make a new pleat. Repeat this step on the bottom as well. Sew a straight edge along the bottom edge where you have attached it to a sewing machine. Repeat this along the upper hemisphere, and then sew another seam one inch up from this place. This is the pocket where your curtain rod goes. Sew side seams along the edge of the needle, sew between the top and bottom hem. Slide your curtain rods through the pockets you created in the top hem and hang your patio curtains.

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