Mounting Living Room Wall Mirrors

Sep 26th
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Living room wall mirrors – A well and properly hung mirror can add a lot of beauty to most living rooms. Not only can it give the room a more spacious feel, but it can also be used to improve the interior design of the room. It is very important to determine whether the mirror is considered the right size for the wall. Although it is a matter of personal taste, the mirror neither human should nor underwhelm the wall where it is hanging.


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How to wall mount a big Mirror in the living room

Find the location of the rules in the living room wall mirrors using the control detector. Mark where the studs are with a pen. In most homes there are 16 inches from the center of a tap to the center of the next one. So when a stud has found it’s just a matter of measuring 16 inches in either direction to find them all. Depending on the shape of the mirror, it may not be possible to attach the mirror to the bolts. If so, then wall anchors must be used to properly support the importance of the mirror.

Measure the total width of the wall and width of the mirror. Subtract the width of the mirror from the width of the wall and divide the result by 2. Measure the amount from each corner and put a pencil on the wall. This will place the living room wall mirrors in the center of the wall side to side. Repeat the floor-to-ceiling procedure, and subtract the height of the mirror to place the mirror in the center of the wall upside down. When done, there should be four marks on the wall, top and bottom and left and right.

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