Make Room in a Gooseneck Tiny House

Oct 21st
Fifth Wheel Tiny House
Fifth Wheel Tiny House

Gooseneck tiny house – Here are 3 tips chosen for you on how to make the most of every corner of your gooseneck tiny house. First, the subscale. In those that have stairs, they often remain wasted space. Stairs in an environment can take away a lot of space, which seems difficult to use for anything else. But no. There are a lot of ways that you can use the space as a storage room for things you do not need every day.

Second, the height. Another secret of furnishing with efficiency is to use the verticality of the walls in addition to the length. When we decide how to furnish our gooseneck tiny house we always think of the wide, where to put the sofa, the side table, the chest of drawers. Why do not we also use the walls in height? Wall bookcases or shelves can be extremely useful to position objects that we all tend to accumulate without knowing how to get rid of them, such as books, photos and CDs.

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Third, the space in two. Sometimes the gooseneck tiny house has a single space for the living area large enough and then the room apart. When you have a space like that you need to know how to create different spaces in a single space. This means being able to furnish and position the furniture so that it creates angles with defined and separate functions. In one living room one can have a TV area, a dining area, a reading corner and a spinning bike for when it’s time to play sports.

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