Living Room Drapes Have Contact with the Floor

Oct 3rd
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Living room drapes – The length of the drapes in a living room depends on how the drapes should work and the style of the living room itself. Long, luxurious drapes peddling on the floor enhance a very formal style of decor, while crisp, curled drapes only foam the floor enhancing a more functional, modern room.


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To facilitate operation, full length living room drapes that end at least 1/2 inch above the floor work best. If the drapes are sufficiently stretched, they will require more frequent cleaning than the drawings of the cords and pulleys. Full length to the drapes floor should be dry cleaned, as the amount of fabric is generally too big for household washing machines to handle well. Drapes that touch the floor will require more cleaning than those who do not.


The effect of peddling drape – which is 12 or more inches of drapery in length – can be very beautiful, but the functionality of this is limited. The living room drapes cannot be opened and closed easily, and cleaning the floor necessitates fixing drapes and possibly wrinkles them. The current trend of a break in the drape is an off-shoot of this older trend. Breaking drapes are usually 1 to 2 inches sliding length and can be hand or cord dragged.

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