Leather Ottoman Coffee Table Ideas

Jan 19th
White Leather Ottoman Coffee Table
White Leather Ottoman Coffee Table

Leather Ottoman Coffee Table can be a nice modern play or a rescued antique. Whatever its style, it’s an elegant piece that gives a touch of class and differentiates your interior. However, it does give you the burden of protecting leather from sharp book corners, damp drinks and other rusty and scratch-producing items. Instead of committing everybody in your household to never use or touch your leather coffee table, cover it with your own plastic homemade coverings, you can both use and protect the aesthetic value of your table.


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Measure the length of the Leather Ottoman Coffee Table. Write down your total number for the length. Measure the width of the coffee table. Write down your total number for the width. Dam the surface of the coffee table, frees it from various debris. Cut a piece of clear vinyl into the exact dimensions you wrote down. Put it on exactly the middle of the leather coffee table.

Pin down each bay that you have created with a sufficient amount of pins, spacing the pins out every 3 inches along each pleat. Adjust vinyl if necessary. Remove each staple, one by one, and replace it with a dot in hot glue. Press the wrap, making a strong strap of hot glue for at least 5 minutes.

Tips and warnings

If your Leather Ottoman Coffee Table has side panels, remember to bring them to your measurements.

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