Instruction of How to Whitewash Hardwood Floors

Jul 8th
White Wash Floors Pictures
White Wash Floors Pictures

How to whitewash hardwood floors – To get the perfect whitewash-pigmented look, apply the lime to a natural hardwood surface. So preparation is an important part of the liming process. Instructions: strip the paint or stain from the floor surface. Apply a wooden stripper following the instructions on the bottle, using a sponge or cloth. Wipe the floor with a cloth to remove paint or stain and top layer of wood.

Sand on the floor. Walk across the floor with a floor grinding machine if you want to speed up the grinding process. Continue until all grinding paint, stain or dirt is removed from the surface of the floor. Let the surface of the floor dry. Be Jane recommends to cross the surface with a tack cloth to get all remaining dust. Make the floor to the floor. Mix the standard interior white latex paint with water to get to the texture you want for your whitewash to answer the how to whitewash hardwood floors. The more water you add to paint, the more transparent it becomes.

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Begin to create a mixture of 1 part paint to 1 part water. Test laundering of on a piece of waste tree. Use the same wood as the floor you want to launder. If you do not like the appearance of lime, add more water to lime. And keep track of how much water you add, so you can restore white-pigmented to the floor. Mix a large amount of lime when you decide that you like the look you have achieved. Roll white-pigmented on the floor with a paint roller, as you would any standard stain or paint. The end. How about how to whitewash hardwood floors? It’s not a difficult project.

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