Installing Marvin Patio Doors

Feb 2nd
Great Marvin Patio Doors
Great Marvin Patio Doors

Marvin Patio Doors are a modern twist on the old art of door installation, and one that sets the project within easy reach of the average homeowner. Instead of measuring and cutting a door to fit into an opening and then hinging it there, you only buy a device that has the door already hung on the cover, and pop the entire device into the opening at once. Doors and other external doors work in the same way, but it is important to insulate between the casing and the frame.


Remove the existing door, hinges, and any moldings or other obstructions, giving a smooth opening around. Set the Marvin Patio Doors unit into the opening. Make sure that in front of the door the cover is also with the outer edge of the frame, so that it forms a flat surface along the outside of the house.

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Hold one level along one side of the door and slide shims into the sides until it is level. Move the level to the other side of the door and double-check for level, placing more spacers as needed. Continue until the device is tightly sealed in the opening of the shims on all sides (except the bottom), and read level and solder at all points. Remove wood or plastic stag that held the Marvin Patio Doors closed, so that you can get to the inner sides of the casing. Use drill and pilot bit to drill control holes 2 inches in from each side of the envelope, and approximately 2 meters up the length of the frame. Do the same on the other side of the door.

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