Installing Kits French Patio Doors

Feb 1st
French Patio Doors Sliding
French Patio Doors Sliding

French Patio Doors – To install French patio doors, remove the door of your packing. This includes cardboard and packaging. Keep a record of all the hardware that includes clips to hang on the doors, plugs, and shivs that come with the unit. Keep this in a separate container as they are important for proper installation. Once this is done, check the door frame for cracks or damage. Next, check your own framework for potential problems.

This includes nails, or wedge boards in the framework, as well as other obstructions. Place the doors in the area of the french patio doors by tilting them upwards at the inner end of the frame. Ask someone on the other side to make sure the doors do not tip over. Shimmy and slide the doors in places. It should stay tight in the frame, however, there may be some differences between the top and sides of the doors and the frame.

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Once in place, drive three 2 1/2 inch screws into the base of the frame to secure the assembly in place. Next, check the area around the facility to make sure everything fits perfectly. If there are gaps between the upper french patio doors frame and the molding. Slide a razor (thin piece of wedge-shaped wood) under the doors to raise the door until it fills in the gap.

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