Installing Exterior French Patio Doors

Jan 29th
Wood Exterior French Patio Doors
Wood Exterior French Patio Doors

Exterior French Patio Doors – Installing new doors is one of the biggest changes you can make to a house. Exterior French doors bring the outside in and make the most of your living room. With today’s pre-hung door, most of the hard work is done for you, with hinges, door handles. This project can be easily attacked by experienced do-it-yourself. The most important factor is seeing the jamb is well planned.


Stand pre-hung Exterior French Patio Doors unit in the wall opening centered in the hole. Run a nail through the outer brick mold in the frame behind with a sixteen ear nail and a hammer. Wedge shims behind the top of the side frame at one side. Place a level against the edge of the jamb on the same side. Tap the jamb in or out into the bottom until the bubble in the level is centered. Put shims behind the bottom of the jamb and nail through the jamb and shims in the frame at the top and bottom.

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Repeat the leveling and nailing process with the remaining jamb. Wedge shims between the jamb header and the wall frame header on both corners. Drive nails up through the jamb header and shims in the frame above to secure the jamb. Run a 3-inch treated tire screw through each hole in the Exterior French Patio Doors. Tighten the screws to tighten the threshold against the floor. Nail the side tile the shape of the frame at the top and bottom of each side.

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