How to Adjust a Pocket Patio Doors 1900

Feb 8th
Pocket Patio Doors for Sale
Pocket Patio Doors for Sale

When a pocket patio doors is installed, it slides into the wall cavity between the studs on each side, hiding it from view. This gives a room more space on the floor because the turning area in a traditionally hung door should be clear. 1900 pocket doors work like modern pocket doors – sliding on a track instead of swinging on hinges. Over time, a 1900 pocket door can begin to peel off level, making it hit the threshold. To remedy this, you only have to make one adjustment.

Remove the top part of one side of the pocket patio doors shell with a lever. Remove the side that exposes the open channel of the track and not on the flat/back side of the railing. Close the 1900 compartment lid, then place shims under the pocket door on top of the threshold so that it is level and clear the threshold when sliding.

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Adjust the railing or nut assembly with a wrench until the railing/door is properly leveled. Pull the wedges and let the pocket door 1900 hang freely. Open and close the door to make sure that the plumb bob is hanging from the railing/track. Return to place the top of the enclosure pocket patio doors using a hammer and finish nails.

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