Fun Small Bouncy House

Dec 1st

Traditional methods of small bouncy house construction have been based on heavy and resistant materials that require a lot of time in their construction and use a lot of labor. Its structures are inflatable, built on the basis of plastic and fabric. Subsequently, they are filled with air to give them volume and solidity. They have the advantage that they can be armed and disarmed in a very short time, so they can be moved easily.

Small bouncy house also bring great savings because they do not require specialized personnel to assemble them. The structure is permanently filled with air using Airflow technology that works using a fan attached to the building. It was initially intended for use in temporary structures for commercial purposes such as marketing teams for events. Among the most successful designs of   Air Clad, there are pavilions for gardens, covers for air clad swimming pools and others.

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More recently they have launched a permanent pool, built on the basis of inflatable structures. The disassembled pool occupies only one cubic meter, and is also easy to transport and assemble. It also has the additional advantage that it does not require foundations in concrete or other material. Small bouncy house building structures created by Air Clad will most likely become the next generation of fast, flexible and environmentally friendly architecture.


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