Enjoy Small Indoor Bounce House

Jan 3rd

Some children have a lot of energy and carry it out loud, no matter where they perform. Children with high energy levels can appreciate an environment that complements their energy level, such as a small indoor bounce house. Apart from free country for all bouncing inside a farewell home, children can play numerous games on the “moonwalk” surface under the supervision of an adult.

When the music stops, the players stop their movement in small indoor bounce house “Freeze Bounce Dance”. When a leader starts the music, the children begin to bounce and dance. If children do not freeze in place once the music stops, they approach the farewell house. Once the music starts, the children resume bouncing and dancing. The last player wins remaining. Similar to how traffic control traffic signals, each “green light” command sends players bouncing around the house bouncing “red / green light.”

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Once a leader shouts “red light”, the children freeze in their place; Children leave the small indoor bounce house if they do not freeze over the “red light” slogan. The last remaining child wins the game. Sticky notes serve as “flags” that teams try to capture in “Capture the flag.” The children are divided into four teams, with each team that keeps a corner pillar of the farewell house (if there are only two teams play, they keep opposite pillars).


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