DIY Wooden Wall Mounted Spice Rack

Jan 20th
Wooden Wall Mounted Spice Rack
Wooden Wall Mounted Spice Rack

Wall mounted spice rack – A wall shelf spice wood is a great way to get all your spices of your cabinets and outside their counters, space saving main storage for the most important elements and make quick use and return of spice containers more convenient and time-saving time. The construction of a wooden wall spice rack DIY with unique and customized features such as a sleeker wood or bright paint color, can help prevent the frame seem dark and cheap spice racks of the 1970. Resize widths and depths shelf to store perfectly any brand of spices used his family.

Make a wall mounted spice rack; Set one of the deck boards on their long thin edge and the two lateral positions on either side in the same way that the three tables together make a form of “U”. Press the boards together tightly and per-drill two holes spaced evenly across each side plate and on the board of the platform; this will serve as the bottom shelf spice rack. Place the three boards together with wood screws. Slide the other board shelf in position about 6 inches above the first shelf and parallel to the same table. Keep in place and per-drill two holes spaced evenly on each side of the board, through the side boards and at the ends of the second plate wall mounted spice rack. Attach the second shelf plate with wood screws.

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Drill a whole diameter of 1/4-inch on each side panel, about 3 centimeters above each shelf and 1/2-inch from the front of the spice rack. Flip the spice rack upside down and place the rear plate on top of it. Prevailed holes at the four corners and evenly along the side edges of the back plate and the side boards. Secure the back plate to the wall mounted spice rack with wood screws. Hang the spice rack on the wall by screwing directly through the back plate and in the desired section of the wall.

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