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Oct 30th
Free Complete Tiny House Plans

Diy tiny house plans – So, we are going to add more tricks to take advantage of the space in the tiny house with the diy tiny house plans furniture. First, custom furniture. This is the best solution to our problems. Structures that adapt to corners, low walls, disused areas. For example, the shelves in plasterboard can be attached to any size and, in addition, by being painted the same color as the wall, if we choose light colors, we gain in feeling of amplitude.

In addition, in areas such as the living room, it will be preferable to choose different furniture for each space, than large modular furniture that occupies the entire wall. We have already referred to light colors as accomplices of small houses. So another possibility is to paint or lacquer our dark diy tiny house plans furniture in colors like white or crude.

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Second, using diy tiny house plans foldable furniture. Such as a table, a desk, a bed. That will give us the option to enjoy the space when we do not use them. In addition, in the rooms we have the option of bunk beds, as well as the beds by train, which allow us to take advantage of the space under the upper bed to install drawers, wardrobes.

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