Cute Bathroom Mirror Frames

Apr 23rd
Silver bathroom mirror frames

If you already have a cute bathroom mirror frames and want to renew it is convenient to paint using different decorative techniques. In this case, there are several steps you need to perform. Sand surface to remove original painting. Pass bathroom mirror frames a base color (can be black), and once dry, apply a coat of white paint. Once both paintings dry, sand lightly to frame in some parts of black paint is appreciated. You can use color scheme you want, just try to be contrasting each other. You can also paint a white first layer and then with a toothbrush dipped in another color of paint, sprinkle with white coat bristles, applying small droplets of paint. This technique is known as “stencil “and is so simple that even children perform in school. On that white paint can also use technique of” mopped “or” fluffy “with a cloth or small sponge.

Color combination is your choice, taking into account your tastes or decor of place where you plan to put mirror. Finally, if site where mirror is located is wet (for example, bathroom), bathroom mirror frames can be oxidized if they are metal. To avoid this, we suggest spending a minimum layer, which is a product that protects iron to prevent rust.

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