Cool Ideas Wall Sconces for Candles

May 22nd
wall sconces for candles

Wall sconces for candles are a decorative addition to a room, and also provide soft lighting when candles are lit. Decorating with candle wall sconces involves more than choosing a random point on wall and decides to hang wall lamp there. With a little planning and thought, candle sconces can significantly increase decorative appeal of room.

Combination of different fixtures in a group that really stand out. Place two or more small wall sconces for candles on both sides of a large to a stunning focal point. Such grouping can be used in place of a large image or print.

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Using a large wall candle and two smaller spiders, create a focal point. Find center of wall or an area to hang and hang large candle sconces. Measure from top of Great Wall to determine desired height of smaller shelters. Keep smaller at same height chandeliers. Measure from center of evenly space two small sconces on either side of housing large. Choose wall sconces for candles that match room’s decor. Wall sconces are available in a wide range of materials and colors, from bronze to black and everything else. Style wall lamp must also match rest of room.

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