Construction with Light Steel Frame Tiny House

Nov 5th
Metal Tiny House Kit
Metal Tiny House Kit

Advantages of the construction with light steel frame tiny house, consider first the pros that light steel frame houses offer. The biggest advantage of using steel structure in a house is the durability of the material. The wooden frames rot or suffer deformations, and therefore the walls do not remain perfectly straight. With light steel frames you will not have damaged or deformed walls, so you will not need to replace the structure later. If you are looking to have your home for a long time, then the steel structure can save you money.

In any home there is always the potential problem of bugs or pests that can make their way into the structure of the building. But with light steel frame tiny house you do not have those problems. Bugs often eat the structure of frames made of wood and it can be difficult to get rid of them. In the steel frame bugs cannot make their nests, therefore, the structural damage that pests cause in wooden frames is not something that will happen with steel frames. Another advantage of light steel structures for houses is the resistance and the ability to withstand severe climates. Steel Framing houses can even be built to be earthquake or hurricane proof.

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The disadvantages of light steel structures in homes. The cost of steel production has always been relatively high, but while the cost of most steel structure materials improved, competitively speaking, the cost of lifting construction is another problem. It takes a little more time to build a house with light steel frame tiny house than to do it with wooden frames, since it takes more work to use screws than nails, in addition the screws are of greater cost.

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