Change the Rollers in a Sliding Patio Doors

Feb 22nd
Sliding Patio Doors Ideas
Sliding Patio Doors Ideas

Sliding patio doors operate on a set of small rolls that allow them to travel back and forth on the track. Over time, normal wear may require replacing these rollers to make the door move smoothly again. Instead of even paying up to 65 for a professional installer replace your sliding patio door rolls, it needs some basic tools. With a modest investment of time, you can save yourself some money and laze at the satisfaction of a well-done job while improving the functionality, security and value of your own home.

Ideas for change the rollers in a sliding patio doors, remove the glass door from the frame. It’s best to have someone to help you with this task because the door can be quite heavy. Lift the door out of the slot and pull it out, the bottom first. If you have lifted the door completely and the door still does not come out. And adjust the rollers lower with a screwdriver to create more space.

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Then for change the rollers in a sliding patio doors, remove the screw that holds the rollers in place. There are usually two rolls located on each end of the door. In many cases, the screws that hold the rollers in place are the same screws that hold the lower part of the door frame. If the rollers are actually screwed through the bottom piece, remove, as well. If it does not just pull out, press it with a rubber hammer to remove that piece. Take the old rolls with you to buy matching new rolls. And then screw the new rolls on the door frame; remember to go through the bottom of the door if you should remove it. Adjust the rollers all the way down to make it easier to get the patio door back in the frame.

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