The Best Thing in Small House Interior Design

Nov 13th
White Small House Interior Design
White Small House Interior Design

Small house interior design – After living in the same place for a long time we got used to using the space in a certain way, and perhaps it is convenient for us to keep the pots inside the oven and the towels in the vanity, but have you considered the possibility that you are not using your space in the most efficient way? A good exercise is to look at your house and identify the “dead spaces”, those corners that could be better used including some extra furniture or giving it a different use.

The best thing in small house interior design is to do a low cost test, before committing to a larger investment (like the one shown in the photo above), to see if it is really worth the change. When there is little space on the floor, it is very practical to use the walls as storage space, such as these shelves around the door.

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Having space to store is key in a small house interior design. However, if you have space to store but you do not have a clear organization system, you probably will not find the things you saved. For this there are several options, such as shoe hangers behind the closet doors that will allow you to store even very small objects and keep them organized. Or baskets with labels, like the one shown in the photo above, which is a very simple option to implement.


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