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Sep 19th
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Small living room layout – Many people are looking for apartments and houses these days are gravitation against smaller spaces. While a smaller space often gives the wallet a break, it can be a problem for decorating.


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Typically, in small living room layout, the focal point starts with some elements that include a focal point wall and the area in front of the focal wall. To create this small space layout, take steps to make your main wall more noticeable. Paint it a vibrant color like red, and hang up striking images or graphics — Black and white photos in black frames offer a dramatic choice. Afterwards, look for an area rug to give a visual anchor, and place it in front of burning the wall. Center furniture on it, and if possible, avoid placing too many items against the wall because it creates an illusion of more space. Additionally, if you would normally have a couch and a few chairs,

Built-in Items

Using built-in furniture and accessories, you can avail more of the small living room layout space. Some of the best pieces for this are murphy beds, like the feature cabinets and desks as part of their makeup. The Murphy bed expands the useful floor area as it allows you to pull items out of the way as needed. Murphy beds of today fit tightly against the wall and often have cabinets and built-in seating as well. Can be pulled the bed down to make a daybed / couch and cupboard offers a place to hang artwork and decorative objects.

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